Maria Office Hours: Tuesday through Friday, 2:00PM - 6:00 PM If Wade is not in the office, he is either on a visitation or away on church business. As always, feel free to text or call him. 

Wade Hudson

(308) 530 - 2963

Wade receiving training in the NALC Pastoral Assistant program. Wade works with the church council, is part of the Maria Worship Team, visits members at home, in hospital and care homes, oversees our Christian education programs for youth and adults, and coordinates activities with other area organizations. He is also available to do Baptisms, funerals and help with weddings.

Tim Johnson
Worship Leader

(308) 520 - 7591

Readers, Ushers, Altar Guild, Communion Assistants and Fellowship Cookie Time volunteers needed.  Please sign up at the church or call Tim Johnson to add your names.  
Contact Numbers for Prayer Chain and Concerns:

Turner Dorr
Worship Leader

(308) 520 - 5508

Peggy Brown
Financial Treasurer

(308) 530 -7040

Jeremy Martin
Council President

(308) 325 - 3287

Reagan Hudson 
Newsletter and Website 

(308) 660 - 6804